ATX Music Series: The Wild Now

If The Wild Now haven’t come across your Austin radar yet then you’ve been missing out! Coho Events is thrilled to have the trending indie-alt act The Wild Now shine bright at our ATX Music Series Kickoff Finale at Lucky Lounge this coming Saturday. The act, fronted by singer/songwriter Taylor and songwriter Drew Walker, combines soulful melody lines with cleanly crafted and catchy instrumentals, grabbing listeners and guiding them through a positively powerful atmosphere.

Taylor and I caught up with a wonderful conversation earlier this week. She mentioned that TWN sounds a bit like Glass Animals meets Alabama Shakes and I couldn’t agree more. The band’s latest release, April’s “Tides,” has received a phenomenal reception from fans and press in Austin and across the US. The combination of sweetness, snappiness, and soul of the 6 track offering has helped The Wild Now earn close to 60,000 monthly listeners via Spotify, hinting at bigger leaps in growth in the coming months and 2017.

Taylor, the band’s lead vocalist and lyricist, also mentioned an interesting personal connection to the venue we’ll all be jamming in; Lucky Lounge. She mentioned performing one her very first shows publically several years ago at the Lucky Lounge and loving her experience. I’m sure the grand energy and fond memories brought about by the familiar scenery will add just an extra bit of magic to The Wild Now’s performance.

Don’t miss your chance to see The Wild Now mesmerize the audience at our ATX Music Series Kickoff Finale this coming Saturday at Lucky Lounge! The Coho Events team is confident that TWN is well on it’s way to stardom, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear the band’s music on an upcoming iPhone commercial. Stream the band’s latest release, “Tides,” via Spotify below, and keep an eye out for new music and a brand new music video from the band. Cheers!