ATX Music Series: Hunter Sharpe

Hunter Sharpe is one of the brightest young musicians Austin has to offer. After sharing some coffee and conversation with the 20 year old rocker and his manager Jake Turner, it’s easy to see why Hunter is loved by his fans. He’s a genuine artist with the clearest intentions; bring the jams, have fun, get famous in the process (ain’t nothing wrong with that!)

Hunter and his band offer an electrifying live show that ignites the crowd wherever he performs. Hunter’s been playing ever since he could pick up a guitar, and was gigging throughout his high school years, so he’s well versed in capturing a room at this point. As well, he’s got generations of familial musicality and energy to support his venture and fuel his fire. Hunter shared a few stories of listening to The Beatles with his Grandfather and the memories instantly brought smiles around our table.


Hunter has got his sights set on some of the meccas of music, already making several trips to perform in New York City and Los Angeles. His manager, Jake, and Loophole Management can certainly take credit for some of his accelerated success story. Jake is a hard-working and knowledgeable, to say the least. At one point our conversation side-tracked into a deep analysis of the (lacking) music industry infrastructure Austin offers, and explored all of the effects that the musical environment has on Austin’s home-grown talent. We lost Hunter along the way, but it was clear that Hunter is lucky to have Jake on his team supporting the business side of his musical adventure.

Hunter expressed excitement for the upcoming ATX Music Series Kick Off Party, ramped up by the talented artists he’ll be supporting on stage (Netherfriends & Patrick Simms.) Jake saw Coho Events’ ATX Music Series as an opportunity to create a new regular and reputable music event in Austin, one that does right by the performing artists and adds to the unique culture of the Austin live music scene. Coho Events is honored to begin building the ATX Music Series out with the help of Hunter and his music, and the team can’t wait to see how far we can take the concept.

Make sure to grab your tickets HERE and join us this Saturday at Grizzly Hall for our ATX Music Series Kick Off Party! You won’t want to miss this.

ATX Music Series: Netherfriends

Netherfriends is creativity incarnate. Shawn Rosenblatt, the man behind the wheel, lives a life in which he’s free to create whatever he pleases. His labors bear enough fruit to fuel his fire, and the consistent cycle of creation continues.

Spending an afternoon with Shawn was as enlightening as it was humanizing. In awe of a man living the dream, the most surreal feeling came from realizing that the trail Netherfriends is blazing is one that anybody can follow. All you have to do is put in the work, think creatively, and never give up…easier said than done.



Shawn said he wanted to be the “most prolific artist in every genre.” It sounded like a bit of a stretch, but break it down logically and it isn’t so farfetched. If you wanted to be the best in every genre, you would need to be in every genre. So what has Shawn been doing since the year began? Since January, Netherfriends as released a concept album every single month, with monthly album releases continuing until of the year. He’s put out 118 high-quality, fully conceptualized, well produced tracks in 2016 ALONE.

These projects are versatile, jumping from instrumental yoga tunes to reggaeton tracks, from acapella productions to blues trap beats and beyond. He’s written the soundtrack to a stoner rom-com flick and an album about money. This doesn’t even include the 2 music videos he’s put out with each album, or the 2013 50 track behemoth “50 Songs and 50 States.”

Shawn Rosenblatt fell in love with his work and earned himself seventy-five thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Nestled in a comfy corner in East Austin, his Netherfriends music den is a safe haven for ideas to develop and come to life. He’s earned himself a break from six years of touring across the US. The coming months will see a country-trap album, an album made with trash, jazz exploration and more. I couldn’t be more excited.

Coho Events is excited for Netherfriends to hit the stage at the brand new Grizzly Hall this coming Saturday, September 10th. Spending over thirty-six months on the road has allowed Shawn to own his one man show. Shawn employs a combination of live instruments and electronics to shake the audience and stir up the moment.

Shawn’s live performances may be few and far between until next year rolls around, so we’re honored to host him as the headliner on opening night of the ATX Music Series. Don’t miss this magic! Grab your tickets HERE.