ATX Music Series: Daniel Eyes & The Vibes

Austin is superb at attracting talented folks from around the country. Daniel Eyes, the frontman of revered Austin rock-band Daniel Eyes & the Vibes, has been loving his time in the ATX, hustling to take the group to new heights. As the act has already been voted the #2 group in 2015 at the Austin Music Awards, Daniel Eyes & The Vibes are certainly on the right track. Coho Events can’t wait to see Dan and the gang hit the stage tomorrow at the ATX Music Series Kickoff Finale, and it was a pleasure to chat with Dan to learn a bit more about the group’s vision!

Meeting with Dan was invigorating. We were seemingly stuffing our faces with Hopdoddy burgers faster and faster just to get back to yapping it up. We spoke on Austin’s need for music industry support and how it’s filled in by a community of musicians and music organizations (like Black Fret) all itching to build a brand that lasts. We explored the group’s current songwriting experimentation, identifying that the band’s success might not come in a single dimension, and according to Dan, they want their next release to be bigger and better than before, and he’s putting in work to digest and apply influences that stray far beyond your typical rock band.

With a serious respect for pop music, it’s easy to see how the band’s music could find mainstream success on a national scale, and to them, that means making sure their ears and eyes are open to all types of influences. Daniel says he certainly owes a part of his success with the Vibes to the openness and opportunity the Austin ecosystem offers it’s native immigrants.

Daniel Eyes & The Vibes will be performing much more sparsely as the year draws to a close, so you certainly don’t want to miss their set TOMORROW at Lucky Lounge! Coho Events is thrilled to reign in one of the most talented acts in Austin to rock the house. Make sure to purchase your tickets HERE, as we’re expecting the house to be packed! Stream Daniel Eyes & The Vibes latest release, “Sweet Dreaming,” via Spotify below!

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